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We're a gym full of legends who enjoy to lift together. A community hell bent on progressing with all the training, nutrition and mindset guidance you need under one roofing system. See our Schedule & Membership Options here

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Eugene 'Boom Boom' Ekkelboom started Muay Thai at 21 years of ages. He was greatly associated with motorcross at the time but wished to improve his fitness so chose to join a Muay Thai fitness center. He had his first battle and then quickly ascended up the ranks to turned into one of Australia's leading fighters.

After achieving his profession goal of battling John Wayne Parr in the Eastern States Eugene retired at the age 33 to use up mentor in the intend to pass his knowledge and experience to the next generation of fighters.

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A celebration includes a full 1 or 1. 5 hour (if a 2 hour celebration) of enjoyable and home entertainment with among our qualified, certified and experienced coaches using all our gymnastics, toppling and trampoline devices including the pit. Step 1 Select Your Day Action 2 Customise Your Celebration Action 3 Party Details Step 4 Book And Party.

(a) "Credit Keep in mind" means a credit, payment or otherwise made by the Seller to the Buyer in relation to a previous sale of Goods. (b) "Goods" means the products recognized. (c) "Purchase Rate" indicates the cost as suggested on the face of the Seller's billing. (d) "Buyer" indicates the entity purchasing the Product upon these terms and conditions as described in any Quote or order form.

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(f) "Seller" means Flex Fitness Devices, Flex Equipment or Flex Physical Fitness or Flex (g) Ruby Distributors Pty Ltd T/A Flex Fitness Devices hereafter referred to as Flex Fitness Devices or Flex Devices or Flex Fitness or Flex and will be used interchangably 2. This quote is valid and open for approval for one calendar month from the date of problem, or any extension agreed in writing by us.

Acceptance should be accompanied by adequate details to enable us to proceed with manufacture and supply instantly. Unless otherwise agreed in composing, acceptance of our quotation, tender or sale price includes acceptance of these terms. 3. The only terms which are binding upon the Seller are: (a) those set out in these terms and conditions or otherwise consented to in composing by the Seller; and (b) those, if any, which are imposed by law and which can not be excluded.

If: (a) the Purchaser accepts the Seller's Quotation (where the Quote is in writing, by executing it); or (b) the Seller accepts the Purchaser's Order, a contract is produced between the parties whereby the Seller offers to the Purchaser the Product on these terms and conditions. 5. After development of the contract the order for the Goods can just be cancelled by the Buyer if the Seller grant the cancellation and the Buyer compensates the Seller for all expenses connected with the work undertaken in relation to the agreement and likewise pays the Seller a quantity equivalent to the profits which the Seller would have attained had the agreement been finished.

6. If the Seller, at any time consisting of after production of the contract, considers the credit of the Buyer unacceptable the Seller might: (a) require security for payment of the Purchase Rate. (b) Keep delivery till such security is received, and/or (c) cancel the contract. 7 (Group Training in Pearsall ). These conditions (which will just be waived in writing signed by the Seller) will dominate all conditions of the Purchaser's order to the extent of any disparity.

The shipment time made understood to the Buyer is a quote only and the Seller will not be accountable for late delivery or non-delivery including any loss, damage or hold-up occasioned to the Buyer or its clients occurring from late or non-delivery. 9. The items shall be deemed to have been definitely accepted by the purchaser on the date when shipment has actually been made ex-works or to an address in accordance with purchaser's shipment guidelines, unless we get composed notification of problems with sufficient and legitimate reasons within 7 days of the shipment date.

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10. The Seller is not accountable for any loss or damage to the Product in transit. The Seller will render to the Buyer such assistance as may be needed to make claims on carriers supplied the Purchaser notified the Seller and the providers in composing right away, such loss or damage is discovered.

At our choice, we may supply surplus materials as a preventative measure against damage or loss. On completion of the contract any surplus materials will remain the residential or commercial property of Flex Physical fitness Devices and will be immediately gotten rid of from site. 12 (Nutritionist in Ocean Reef WA). The arrangement of labour and an appropriate forklift for the discharging of our materials and handling on to the erection website and/or covered storage location is the obligation of the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in composing.

13. Where our products are kept on site for any factor whatever in between the time of delivery and the start of installation, the care and security of such materials is the sole duty of the purchaser (Group Training in Padbury ). Where the storage is at a location remote from the setup site, transfer of our materials to site is the responsibility of the buyer.

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Where setup is consisted of in the contract the arrangement of a clear working website and appropriate access will be the obligation of the purchaser. It is our normal practice to inform delivery beforehand in order to help with the clearance of our workspace. We reserve the right to make an evaluation of the working location, and to delay proceeding to site at no penalty to the Seller if insufficient access or centers exist 16.

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In the case of structures which need site welding a 3 phase supply with sole gain access to and sufficiently preserved voltage is likewise the duty of the purchaser. We will enjoy to discuss any difficulties in the provision of these requirements and make alternative arrangements if necessary, but unless otherwise agreed in composing, any additional expenses will be to the buyer's account.

It is normal treatment to bolt racking structures to the floor, and unless otherwise, our quotation considers this. Nevertheless, if the flooring piece is reinforced with grid steel mesh or similar materials to a level less than 70 mm listed below the surface, unique drilling equipment will be required and any extra costs sustained will be to the buyer's account.

Unless mentioned in writing our quote presumes a reasonable condition of flatness of floor. Flatness tolerances need to be within + 3 mm inside a 3 metre radius. Additional expenses incurred in making up for a malfunctioning or irregular flooring will be to the buyer's account. 19. We schedule the right to appoint or subcontract out the entire or any part of this agreement at our discretion.

Whenevers priced estimate for our completion or delivery work from the date of invoice by us of a written order to proceed, together with all info and particulars we require to proceed with the manufacture without disruption or hold-up. All such times are to be dealt with as price quotes only and we will not be responsible for failure to dispatch, set up, or otherwise perform within such times unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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If payment is not made on the due date, the Seller may charge interest on the quantity payable at the rate of 5% over the 90 day bank costs rate suitable on the day the payment is due. 23. The Purchase Rate is not inclusive of goods and services tax, unless otherwise specified in writing.

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